15 fanny packs that might make you ditch the diaper bag

2021-12-24 01:23:22 By : Mr. Sunny Hua

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A hands-free bag that forces us to pare down our gear? Yes, please.

Back in the day, when I saw my mom sporting a fanny pack, I cringed. I was a tween, and my mom was utterly embarrassing with her nylon belt bag. Flash forward a couple of decades and as I juggle four kids at a playground while my diaper bag keeps slipping off my shoulder, I find myself thinking, "Maybe, just maybe, my mom was onto something."

And I'm not the only one. That's right friends, fanny packs are BACK. Why? Well, for celebs and fashion-types, it's because everything that was once old must always be reincarnated.

But for us mamas, there is one simple resounding answer: The bag is incredibly convenient. It allows us to have our hands free—to, ya know, change a diaper or put a bandage on a knee—and it also forces us to pare down the litany of items we'll throw into our purses before we head out the door. Like, those ten extra snacks or a juice box or a coloring book — the items that result in your purse suddenly weighing 50 pounds.

Oh, and this just in: You can also sling a fanny pack around your body, now. We've got options! (They also go by a more sophisticated name in some circles—"belt bags," thankyouverymuch.)

Is it the ultimate mom bag? Listen, we're not going to say it is. But we're also not going to say it's not . Catch our drift? And if you see yourself in a mirror while sporting your new belt bag, we dare you not to start singing, "I'm too sexy for… my fanny pack."

Fanny pack, but make it fashion. Not only does this leather stunner from State Bags stylishly carry all your essentials—it also gives back to families in need. Since their launch in 2013, State Bags has used the power of the brand to support causes all around the world in the ways they need it most. Refreshing, isn't it?

Durable? Check. Fun colors? Check. Cute Herschel logo badge on the front? Check.

As a mom who crammed a diaper and a couple of wipes into my coat pocket and hoped for the best, I really wish Kibou had been around when I was slinging babies. Dubbed "The Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag" this brilliant mama-made design has thought of everything . It's got plenty of space for snacks and diapers, a built-in waterproof pocket for wipes or blowout soaked onesies and—get this!—a detachable changing pad that unfolds from the back flap. Smell ya later, giant diaper bag.

Between the price point, cheery color and rave reviews, this one from Target is a no-brainer.

Yes, you need a sporty fanny pack, too. This one (which comes in a wide range of colorways) is perfect when you're heading to Saturday morning yoga.

From the gold hardware to the metallic cloud-like nylon, we're totally gaga for this gilded beauty from Caraa . The scoop-style zippered top makes it easy to access your must-haves and an internal key fob keeps keys handy. (It also comes in a ton of other fun neons and neutrals.)

Who doesn't love options? This roomy fanny pack doubles as a cross-body bag with plenty of interior organization and a convenient magnetic snap at the back to keep essentials safe and close at hand.

From the brand that's synonymous with diaper bags, Petunia Pickle Bottom's on-trend belt bags are made of a mom-friendly faux leather that can be wiped down and easily cleaned up when handled by sticky fingers.

Designed for outdoor adventures, this is one bag you can easily hand off to dad when it's his turn to fly solo.

Baggu doesn't just make the perfect reusable shopping bag —they also crush it in the fanny pack department. This durable pack is made from the same recycled nylon the brand is known for which is (blessedly) totally machine washable when an inevitable disaster occurs.

Moms everywhere love MZ Wallace for their crazy parenting-friendly totes, and turns out they make an equally utilitarian belt bag that can go from playdate to brunch date no problem.

Whether you're carting kids or sipping cocktails kid-free, the gorgeous handmade hip bags from Atlanta-based Glad & Young Studios are totally on point. Choose from three different marbled leather base colors and a variety of strap colors to match or contrast. And just like you, this one gets better with age, mama.

The epitome of cool-girl bag brands, Clare V. also brings its chic aesthetic to the fanny pack category, and we couldn't be happier about that. We adore the perforated leather of this bag, as well as the high-contrast zipper.

If we're going to go the fanny pack route, we might as well go the whole way, right? Right. And nothing screams "90s!" like a Jansport bag. The good news is they haven't raised their prices too much in the past two decades.

Ok, we spoke too soon. This is the 90's throwback we didn't know we needed. Igloo has brought back their Full House era color palettes and logo to create the coolest fanny pack ever. No, literally. This insulated pack keeps three cans (er, um, baby bottles) cold when you're on-the-go.

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