Anker MagSafe Power Bank review: Hands-on with three versions

2022-12-23 20:44:10 By : Ms. Joanne zhang

Whether you’re looking to score some extra juice for your iPhone 14 on-the-go or need to lock-in a last-minute gift, Anker makes some of our favorite chargers here at 9to5Toys. Recently the company sent over its latest lineup of MagSafe power banks, and today we’re going hands-on with three different models to see how each of the new releases stack up and compare to other models on the market.

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Anker MagSafe Power Bank review: Hands-on with three versions

Throughout the fall, Anker has refreshed its lineup of MagSafe chargers to go alongside the debut of the new iPhone 14 series and I’ve been using them over the past month or so. Arriving with three different form-factors that all offer different functionality, there’s of course the core magnetic wireless charging support.

Headlined by the flagship 10,000mAh MagGo 633 Power Bank, there’s also the 5,000mAh 622 model that carries the built-in stand form-factor over to a smaller package. And then last up, we’re also taking a look at the most compact version of Anker MagSafe power bank that arrives as the 621 MagGo 5,000mAh charger. But which one should you consider for yourself or that special someone on your list? We’re breaking it all down below.

Earlier this fall, Anker sent over three of its latest MagSafe power banks, and I have been daily driving them as the main means of refueling my iPhone away from home. Each one of them share much of the same specs, but do provide different capacities and features to back the core functionality.

As for what’s the same across all three models, the MagSafe charging tech is right in the names. Each one features a magnetic ring that allows them to snap right onto the back of your iPhone 14, as well as previous-generation 13 and 12 series handsets. It’ll only charge your device at 7.5W, though that is the same power output as Apple’s official MagSafe battery pack. So Anker’s lineup isn’t really offering anything else.

From there, though, the three different models begin to deviate from each other. The flagship 10,000mAh MagGo 633 Power Bank leads the way, delivering the most capable array of MagSafe features in the Anker arsenal. Arriving at the $80 price point, this model has the thickest design of the bunch thanks to housing the largest 10,000mAh battery. From there, you’re looking at a pair of ways to refuel wired devices, including a 2.4A USB-A slot on the bottom and a full 20W USB-C port on the side that also lets you refuel the internal battery.

My favorite part of the power bank, though, has to be its built-in stand. A rigid hinge on the back allows you to prop up your device while it recharges, and the design supports both horizontal and vertical orientations, too. It’s much sturdier stand than other options in the lineup, and ultimately delivers a much more versatile package for powering up gear on-the-go.

If the larger form-factor isn’t your favorite, Anker also carries the stand features over to a more compact offering in the form of the lineup with the MagGo 622 power bank. This model was just refreshed back in October and arrives with one key difference over its predecessor; the ability to charge the power bank itself while using the stand, thanks to a side-mounted USB-C port. All of the expected MagSafe features carry over, but with a unique design that houses a foldout origami-style stand that can prop up the power bank and your phone while recharging.

All of that earns it a $60 price point, fittingly entering into the lineup with a middle of the ground MSRP that matches the feature set. The MagGo 622 power bank also comes in one of four different colorways, offering a bit more variety than its flagship counterpart.

Finally, there is the most compact version of Anker MagSafe power bank, which ditches some of the extra features in favor of a more sleek and simple build. The Anker 621 MagGo offering packs the same 5,000mAh battery as the option we just covered, but slims down the design into a much more EDC-friendly package. Clocking in at $50, you’re looking at the choice between one of four different styles to complement the thin design.

I particularly love just how little space this takes up compared to the larger two models. It has a much more natural feel in the hand thanks to rounded off edges and corners, while also arriving without the bulk of any form of stand.

At the end of the day, each of the Anker MagSafe power banks set out to cover a different share of the market with varying specs to match the different price points – but I have to say that my favorite is the 10,000mAh offering. It packs MagSafe features first and foremost, but the dual wired charging outputs mean that when multiple friends need a boost after a long night out, I can always help save the day. It’s also great for travel, especially if you watch content on airplanes or just while setting up your workstation away from home.

But if you’re just looking for a MagSafe Power Bank in any capacity, the slim model is certainly the way to go otherwise. The middle option is totally fine, but if you’re interested in the stand functionality, you should just upgrade to the flagship model and enjoy a far better experience. I adore how compact it is, and the different color options are perfect for matching with your iPhone 14.

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