Concentrated soy sauce-from high-quality liquid soy sauce

соевый соусName: Solid soy sauce,soy sauce concentrated Specification:5kg&4/ctn330g*30bags/ctn Nameсоевый соус solid soy sauceSpecification5kg*4/ctn330g*30bags/ctnExport MarketsGlobalThis product is concentrated from

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соевый соус

Name: Solid soy sauce,soy sauce concentrated

Nameсоевый соус solid soy sauce
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This product is concentrated from quality liquid soy sauce through a special fermentation techique. It has a rich, red brown color, a strong and fragrant flavor, and taste delicious.
The solid soy sauce can be placed directly inot soups. For liquid form, dissovle the solid in the three or four times as much hot water as solid.

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